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Hold up to 6 frags with Reef Rax's Sandbed Frag Rock on tanks up to 1/4" thick. Reef Rax Frag Rocks can be placed directly onto your aquariums sandbed, allowing you to store frags, and even let them grow out to mature colonies.


Measurements: 6.5" L x 5.25" W x 1.5" H


- No curing required.

- Doesn't leach.

- Coated Reef-Safe Magnets.

- Multiple colors and shapes.



Place the rock anywhere on your aquarium's sandbed or if you have a bare bottom, they are even better! Reef Rax's Sandbed Rock is made of a highly porous resin material that is 100% reef safe and can hold up to 6 frag plugs at any given time. The sandbed rocks are great for frag tanks or grow out systems that have a lot of loose coral frags on plugs.

Sandbed Rack

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